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Tiberiu Alexandru Dekany

Past Worshipful Master, Fraternitatea Lodge #37

The Construction of a Temple

This paper tries to present the main elements that stood at the basis of the physical and spiritual construction of the new Masonic Temple from Arad. The Brethren from R.L. Fraternity, no. 37 Or. Arad, decided that is was necessary to build a temple in which this respectable lodge could carry on its works.

RBr. Tiberiu Alexandru Dekany

For any mason, a temple means much more than a simple edifice that has at its basis raw material, consisting of wood, stone or anything else. If we were to define people as builders, we could divide them into two big categories – the ones that build edifices, and the ones that build characters, respectively. Starting from the premise that masonry receives among its members good people that it tries to make even better, the brethren from Arad tried to contribute to this improvement too, by building an edifice that was to spiritually form its members, precisely by rigorously preserving all the symbolic elements that must be utilized when the construction of a temple is being done.

The temple is the place where the brethren come to know the Truth and to seek the Light within the ritual meetings, where we dig deep gaols to vice, feeling closer to one another, better, more righteous. Our efforts are guided by the necessity of bringing these feelings into the prophane world. That is why, the esoteric experience, based on the symbolism a temple is full of, represents the main element that guides our behaviour in the prophane world. The meetings that take place in a Temple are based on the three Great Lights of masonry, and as belief, they have the Glory of the Great Architect of the Universe. The ritual that consecrates a new Temple emphasizes the initial presence of chaos, over which the Spirit places itself each time, to produce Order.

In the same way, our new Temple, which is matter, by the fact that Spirit places itself over it, will receive life, as hatred, discord, jealousy, envy, baseness and selfishness are chased away. All these vices can be brought in by a single man; each of the brethren that will want to enter the Temple will have to give the signs and the passwords to the Expert brother, proving that their spirit is decided to avoid Enmity and Selfishness, giving themselves to the feelings of eternal peace and love. In the centre of the Temple there is the Picture of the Lodge, that represents the construction that was proposed and designed, that serves for the apprentices and journeymen as an example for its execution with order, regularity and belief, irrespective of race and religion, as a component of the whole construction of spirit in all its brightness. This painting must be, for all those who will work on the Temple, the blueprint that will allow them to inhance their self G.A.O.T.U.

The First Great Light will stay open at every lodge meeting at Chapter I of Saint John’s Gospel, continuously reminding us that wisdom is the gate towards which we are heading: “Light shines in the dark and darkness has not overcome it.”

The Compass – the Second Great Light – must continuously remind us that love is our first commandment and that only through it will we be able to build the Universal Temple of Brotherhood.

The force of the Third great Light comes to increase the brightness in the Temple, like the Sun, so that Justice be truly Justice and so that it might cast light on each act of kindness done by a Freemason, so that he won’t lose his right way and so that through him Justice might reign the world.

The way the meetings are held must be wisely watched, supported by Force and adorned with Beauty.

Around the columns we symbolically sow wheat, as a symbol for the increase in brotherly spirit, so that the workings of the Temple might be thus sustained by the Power of the Faith into the right way of the Truth.

The oil sprinked around the columns symbolizes the power of being reborn in the Light each time. The workings of the Temple will be thus supported by the power of faith on the staright path of Truth.

The Wine, the ancient symbol of cheerfulness and beauty, sprinkled around the small columns, is meant to fill the workings of the Lodge with the beauty of the spirit that gives birth to life.

The appearance of the new Temple, through its constitutive elements (the rope with the knots of the infinite, symbolizing Love, the Orient with the Divine Eye, symbolizing Faith, the Moon and the Sun symbolizing the passing of time, the Altar with the three Great Lights, the small columns, the mosaic) offer to each brother a feeling of warmth, and sobriety at the same time.

The consecration of the new Temple was made in the presence of M.W.Br. Eugen Ovidiu Chirovici, Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Romania, of the members of the Grand Council, of the Honorary Grand Masters ad Vitam, Adrian Dragomirescu and Virgil Muresan.

The work was seen through by Venerable Masters of over 40 lodges from different Orients: Bucuresti, Timisoara, Constanta, Târgu Mures, Satu Mare, Deva, Hunedoara, Petrosani, Pitesti, Calarasi, Brasov etc.

Most Excellent Companion Stefan Mâsu, General Governor of the York Rite in Romania wanted to personally honor this event.

The positive appraisals of Most Worshipful Br. Thomas W. Jackson, Executive Secretary of the World Conference of the Grand Lodges, delighted the audience and especially Brethren from R.L. Fraternity no. 37, Or. Arad.

The project of this construction, conceived by me together with the W.M. Nicolae Mihaiu Duma, was closely coordinated by Br. Tudor Simota. For four months, between four and eight hours a day, W.Br. Tudor Simota worked together with the teams of builders and painters that decorated the 120 square meters interior, that will serve for the workings of our lodge, having a capacity of 85 seats.

Finally, he new Temple being completed from the material point of view, all we have to do from now on is to keep working to polish the raw stone, continuing the building of our own temple within each of the brethren, for self improvement to the glory of G.A.O.T.U.

So mote it be!

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