Past Master, FORUM Lodge No. 64 and AGORA Lodge No.175, Bucharest;
Assistant Grand Master for Foreign Relations, Grand Lodge of Moldova;
Founder & Director, MASONIC FORUM Magazine



In October 2014, Forum Lodge No. 64 celebrated 15 years of existence. On the same occasion, the new elected Worshipful Master was installed.

I was the very first Worshipful Master of this lodge. The name of the lodge gave the name of my magazine, MASONIC FORUM.

Forum No. 64 is a reference lodge in NGLR and this is obvious if I only remember that were represented in this event over 80 Romanian lodges, to which were added Grand Officers from NGLR leaded by the Grand Master himself. The Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite, which is also the Founding Grand Master of NGLR, attended the celebration.  A true Grand Lodge Communication! Side by side were young Masons, as well as brethren whose seniority is greater than the age of the NGLR as institution itself, since the Light was rekindled, in 1993.

Forum Lodge has given the NGLR, through time, Grand Officers, in all the mandates of the three Grand Masters who succeeded to the leadership of NGLR since 2000.

The majority of the masters belonging to this lodge, whose spiritual pater is my friend Alecsandru Hociotă, Junior Grand Warden of the  NGLR, are members of the Scottish Rite. Many of us have 33rd  degree.