Founder & Director, MASONIC FORUM Magazine


Masonic Service Record (Craft & Concordant Bodies, Research Societes)

  • 28th of June 1997: Entered Apprentice, Phoenix Lodge No. 32, National Grand Lodge of Romania (NGLR)
  • 30th of November 1997: Fellowcraft, Phoenix Lodge No. 32, NGLR
  • 19th of December 1997: Master Mason, Phoenix Lodge No. 32, NGLR
  • October 2001: Member, Masonic Brotherhood of the Blue Forget-Me-Not (No. 427)
  • January 2003: Life Member, PHILALETHES Society
  • since May 2003: Honorary Sovereign Grand Inspector General, 33º (AASR from Romania)
  • since April 2006: Sir Knight Templar (York Rite), Commandery No.2, Grand Encampment K.T., USA
  • May 2006 – December 2010: Shriner, AAHMES Temple, Livermore – California, USA
  • May 2006: Life Member, European Shrine Club
  • since August 2010: Member, Internet Lodge No. 9659, United Grand Lodge of England
  • since January 2011: Shriner, Emirat Temple, Europe
  • since August 2011: Member, Alt Heidelberg – Fidelitas Lodge No. 821, American Canadian Grand Lodge, Vereinigte Großlogen von Deutschland
  • November 5th, 2018: Resignation from National Grand Lodge of Romania. My resignation is here.
  • since April 2022: Member, Hope of Kurrachee Lodge No. 337, Grand Lodge of Scotland
  • since November 2022: Country Member, Concord Lodge No. 134, Grand East of Netherlands

Masonic Duties

  • 1997 ~ 1999: Secretary, Phoenix Lodge No. 32, NGLR
  • 1999 ~ 2002: Worshipful Master, Forum Lodge No. 64, NGLR (for 3 terms)
  • 2004 ~ 2005: Worshipful Master, Agora Lodge No. 175, NGLR
  • from April 1st, 2014: Assistant Grand Master for Foreign Relations, Grand Lodge of Moldova


  • Honorary Worshipful Master ad vitam for 4 Blue Lodges from NGLR: George Washington No. 4, Libertatea No. 136, Cavalerii Sf. Andrei No. 160, Cavalerii Libertatii No. 178
  • Honorary Master for 2 Blue Lodges from NGLR: Phoenix No. 32 and Perfecta Armonie No. 123
  • Honorary Member, Solomon Lodge No. 822, American Canadian Grand Lodge, Vereinigte Großlogen von Deutschland

Media, Research & Masonic Cultural Activity

  • September 2000, Editor of Marcel Chirnoaga’s art album on the occasion of his 70th anniversary. Marcel Chirnoaga is the greatest Romanian engraver and is acknowledged to be one of the 20th century greatest artists. I had the honor of coordinating a Masonic team for this special cultural event.
  • Founder and Director of the MASONIC FORUM Magazine. The first issue was published in November 2000. MASONIC FORUM has both a Romanian and an English version and contains information about Masonic symbolism, interviews with and portraits of famous Freemasons as well as important moments in the history of world Freemasonry (
  • August 2001, appointed Romanian correspondent for HIRAM, official magazine of Grande Oriente d’Italia (GOI).
  • September 2001, appointed Romanian Bureau Chief for THE MASONIC GLOBE Magazine, edited by Blue Light Publishing Company (Maryland, USA).
  • Editor of the official Anniversary Magazine of American Canadian Grand Lodge, on the occasion of 50 years celebration of ACGL – April 2012.
  • Editor of MASONIC ATHENAEUM Magazine, the official journal of Grand Lodge of Moldova. The first issue was published in November 2014. MASONIC ATHENAEUM has both a Romanian and an English version and contains information about Masonic symbolism, interviews, portraits of famous Freemasons as well as important moments in the history of our Craft. (
  • Director and Editor of the official NEWSLETTER of the Supreme Council of the AASR of Romania. The newsletter is edited in two versions – Romanian and English. The first issue was published in March 2016
  • September 2018, Editor and Publisher of the Romanian translation of MASONIC PERSPECTIVES – THOUGHTS OF A GRAND SECRETARY, book written by Thomas W. Jackson
  • Founder of the masonic YouTube channel:, October 2020  
  • December 2020, Editor and Publisher of HISTORY OF ALT HEIDELBERG LODGE No. 821, book written by Gerhard W. Severin, Past Grand Master of the American-Canadian Grand Lodge.


  • Born in June 12th, 1968, in Bucharest, Romania.
  • 1994: Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest – Faculty of Machine-Tools Building Technology
  • 2014: Master of Arts in Security Studies, University of Bucharest – Faculty of Sociology