Immediate Past Grand Master, National Grand Lodge of Azerbaijan

RWB Thomas W. Jackson – May His Soul Rest in Peace – has spent literally a lifetime inside The Craft. He was one of the few who has worked around the globe to bring a fresh point of view to Greater Challenges of the Craft when there was the Greatest Need.
His unique mindset and his unitarily approach to Freemasonry by understanding traditional observance of its styles in his 58 years long journey had resulted with numerous learnings for the future of our Craft.
His inspirational leadership and his personal style of deductions based on his observations throughout his journey of Freemasonry can only be described as extraordinary.
RWB Thomas W. Jackson once stated that “Make no doubt about it, my Brothers, Freemasonry is the greatest organization ever conceived by the mind of man. It has impacted the evolution of civil society beyond that of any organization outside of organized religion.” And added “The world is as it is today because Freemasonry lived.”
RWB wanted the Future of Freemasonry be safe regardless of numbers and statistics. He was a man of Honor and his brotherly love has taken him to a level and dedication of service to the Craft and his fellow brethren. All of us knew about his passion and his selflessness devoted to our community so that he travelled the whole world in the name of perfecting the Craft and unite with his brethren by giving them insights based on his wisdom and commitment.
He will always be remembered in our hearts with his legacy that I hope we will all live to fulfil with our joint and continuous efforts.
RWB Brother You will never be forgotten…
Virtus Junxit Mors Non Separabit