Lodge St. John No. 280, Grand Lodge of Scotland
Lodge of Living Stones No. 4957, UGLE
Internet Lodge No. 9659, UGLE

For the Freemason or anyone who seek to be Princes amongst men.
Definition: privilege entails responsibility.
Here are two quotes from the Royal Arch ritual:


Companions, again we assemble with those feelings of affection and goodwill which animate the meeting of friends who have been sometime separated.
After this interval, you have, I trust, acquired an increased relish for the interesting exercises of this retreat and you undoubtedly return with new alacrity to your labours.
Now, Companions, we meet within closed doors, the busy world shut out, with all its perplexities, cares and sorrows, none of which are suffered to intrude upon our happy privacy; for here nothing should enter but innocent pleasures, quiet joys and fraternal gaieties.
Here you are invited to excel in the true, the good and the just, and to enjoy the bright auspices and emanations of the glorious light which sheds around you the clearest and most cheering rays. Here your understanding will be delighted with wisdom and your hearts warmed with benevolence.
Companions, you are not in darkness, walk therefore, as children of the Light. Observe the strictest decorum, carefully attend to every instruction offered, and readily comply with every requisition enjoined. Be diligent in the duties of your respective stations and all the joys of unity and peace will prevail.
The Order we profess is of the highest dignity and honour, it being the summit and perfection of Craft Freemasonry. It impresses on the mind a belief in the existence of a deity, who is without beginning of days or ending of years, and it reminds us of the reverence due to his most Holy name. If everything wise, virtuous, and praiseworthy were united, the result would be Royal Arch Masonry.
Its aim is the perfection of virtue and its most solemn business is the communication of the Sacred and Mysterious Name of the True and Ever-Living God Most High, that Great Awesome Being, who alone can exalt us to joys, imperishable in their nature and eternal in their duration.

Companions, you are now about to quit this sacred retreat of peace and friendship and mingle with the world. Amidst all its cares and employments, forget not those sacred duties that have been so strongly recommended and so frequently inculcated in this supreme convocation.
Remember that around this altar you have voluntarily and solemnly vowed to befriend and relieve, with the most unhesitating cordiality, so far as may be within your power, every Companion who shall need your assistance; that you will in the most gentle manner remind him of his failings, aid in his reformation, defend and vindicate his character whenever wrongfully traduced, and will suggest the most candid, the most palliating and the most favourable circumstances in extenuation of his conduct, even when it is justly liable to reprehension and blame. Thus shall the world see how dearly Masons love each other.
But, my Companions, you are to extend these noble and glorious sentiments still further. Let me impress on your minds, and let it be instilled in your hearts, that every human being has an undoubted claim to your kind offices.
Let me, therefore, exhort you to do good to all, whilst we more particularly recommend to your care the household of the faithful, that by diligence and fidelity to the duties of your respective avocations, liberal benevolence, diffusive charity, constancy and sincerity in your friendship, uniformly just amiable and virtuous deportment; you may show to the world the happy and beneficent effects of our ancient and honourable institution.
Let it not be said that you have laboured in vain and spent your strength for nought, for your work is before the Lord and your recompense is with your God.
Finally, Brethren and Companions, be ye all of one mind, live in peace, and may the God of love and mercy delight to dwell amongst you and bless you for evermore.

Those Freemasons reading the above, I bring your attention again to the italic marked wording of the above. Read these passages again and see what is expected of you. Pay attention to the recommendations made to you.
If you are not a Freemason the following will be of interest to you be you either man or woman. There is a noble place for all.
During my walk in life I have experienced some bad things. Behaviour that should have been better. Harsh words that were unnecessary given to another. Impatience with someone less able. Selfishness to the point of neglect and sadly wickedness.
Such things are not building but destructive of relationships, damage society and lead to animosity and disharmony.
A Freemason who has walked the strait path of the Master Mason should no longer display such things. Not that he will ever be perfected, he must learn that such things are to be removed from his life. He must learn nobility.
If by the time a brother attains the sublime degree, he has not learnt to measure his time, apply correction to his wrongdoing, perfect his character, been fair in dealings, maintained upright character and been honest with all including himself, he should return to the beginning. Where he once confessed he was “prepared in his heart”. There should be no such brother. If to the shame of his Lodge this is the case the Lodge brethren should take res­ponsibility for this shortfall of Brotherly love.
A Freemason who is a Master Mason be they Man or Woman should by this degree be humble, meek, strong in character and Noble of nature. I see very few who are like this.
There are some.

This is the highest masonic rank and let there be no doubt about this. All else is either without ­value or one of service to the Master Mason. They should display the Grand Principles of Brotherly love, relief (service to all with the skills of life and experience) and truth (that goal of understanding and learning).

Free: Able to pursue knowledge without prejudice or bias. Maintain one’s own ideas and beliefs without persecution.
Accepted: being prepared in the heart for the philosophy of the Craft.
Knowledge: gained by study of the liberal arts and science, the more hidden mysteries of nature and science and the eventual completion of their own lives.
Fraternity: a brotherhood of self help and support unlike many others.
Purpose: to expand experience with knowledge and gain wisdom in all they do.
Objective: to leave this world a better place, to live respected and die regretted.

These are but a few and there are many more. Perhaps the most important privilege is to share this with those less able or hard pressed, to do this without injury or acclaim, quietly and unseen.
This last statement is perhaps odd to the reader. But if we are to abide by one the great lights of Freemasonry, the Volume of the Sacred Law (VSL) Matt 6:4 proclaims this necessity (Give your gifts in private, and your Father, who sees everything, will reward you). No argument can override this!

Empowered by the application of the Working tools, Charges of recommendations, Lectures in the Craft, Oaths, Addresses and not least the ritual, Master Masons should be serving, not looking down on the uninitiated.
Teaching the ignorant, the young and the new Mason.
Healing the sick, the wounded, the broken and the lost.
Visiting the lonely and the isolated from society.
Helping those in need of assistance.
Protecting the weak.
Admonishing the wrong doer.
Guiding the lawless back into lawfulness.
Forgiving the trespasser.
Ensuring right.
Avoiding falsehood.
Giving the gracious word of encouragement.
The list could continue.
By these shall we show how dearly we love each other and all that are within our knowledge.