talking to

Grand Master of Grand Lodge ALPINA of Switzerland



Jeann Michel Mascherpa…I was several times in Romania, I visited Lodges and I can say that I am delighted. I was impressed both with the quality of Masonic work and the brotherly feelings. I congratulate you!

Most Worshipful Grand Master, do you consider  there are differencies between Western and Eastern freemasonry?

There are differences, I think. The main difference is the experience. That means rituals – all those things with a lot of technical. I do not see any big difference. Just young Grand Lodge. I have also to say that we can help all the youngest Grand Lodges – not saying: „we know, you have to learn“ – but to say: do not make the same mistakes we have made in ancient times.

What is the position of modern man towards Freemasonry?

When you have a profane who comes and knocks on the door to say he wants to be a Freemason, the first question is:  What for? – It’s for business? Sorry, it’s not the good address. It’s for politics? You have a different path. It’s for business and politics? You have the Rotary Club, you have the Alliance, you have all these different clubs… Freemasnry is for spirituality, it’s for preserving, it’s for fraternity. You often find someone who says: ok, I will be – I am interested to find more friends.  And you say: it’s not enough. It’s a first step, a good step. But you must go further.

And after that you do not need to explain to the men, to the brothers: in the lodge, we do not make politics, we do not make religion, Simply – and so on.

Tell me, please, about yourself: your profane life, your Masonic life.

I am a scientist. And I, as all the scientists, do the research. I have been making researches for twenty years. And one day, when I was forty, I asked myself what have I done for the society?

I publish books. Ok. The books are on the shelf. There are, mainly say, 200 people who can read them and understand them. That’s nothing… I was in biology. In botany, a specialist in taxonomy. But, what is my support to the society? Then I dicovered Freemasonry. I understood that my work in Freemasonry is to bring to the young people everything that the society had – and the knowledge I had – and to translate it. What we are doing in Freemasonry is to translate, transport, transfer: you master, then you transfer your knowledge to the Apprentice and Companion – and I think I do the same. I receive a lot from the society, I have to give something to the young people.

That is what Freemasonry gave me personally. It is to give to others, in my daily life. And also, another thing, each of us, we make mistakes! During the morning, you washed your eyes and look to the mirror and you say: What have I done yesterday? And, oh, with this guy, I was not so correct. With this one, I was too strong. So, today, I will meet these guys and say: sorry. And so you improve not the brotherhood but the separate human relationships That is what freemasonry gives to me.

I was initiated into Freemasonry in Geneva, 26 years ago. So, twenty-six years of Freemasonry. God, give me the strength!