Past Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies (English Constitution) 
Excellent Companion Royal Arch Past Provincial Grand Sojouner (EC)
Excellent Companion Provincial Super Intendent of Works (Scottish Constitution)

We celebrate today 20 years of  Masonic Forum a jewel of Romanian Freemasonry. Masonic Forum is a foundation stone of  the Romanian Freemasonry enjoyed by you all today having a proper place in a modern democratic society not only in Romania but Europe and the World. Masonic Forum has played a major roll not only promoting the wonderful growth of Freemasonry within Romania but taking Romanian Freemasonry to the World and bringing Global Freemasonry to Romania. This Masonic magazine has over the last twenty years played a major role in the education projecting the intellectual image of Romanian Freemasons in not only Freemasonry but its context in Europe and the world. This was the dream in creating and forming Masonic Forum and is the continuing dream of a rather special Brother very proud of his country and especially proud of his Freemasonry.

Following the disruptions of WW II  and after 1948, a few brethren succeeded to escape abroad, principally to France and Israel, where some attempted to reconstitute Romanian Masonry in exile while others played a decisive role in establishing Masonry in the newly-established State of Israel. Many Romanian Freemasons in exile continued their activity overseas until the 1989 revolution brought the Iron Curtain down after which Freemasonry returned to the country and three Lodges were formed. With the approval of the United Grand Lodge of England and the other Home Constitutions (Ireland and Scotland), leading to its widespread international recognition as the Regular Masonic jurisdiction for Romania and support from the Grand Lodges of France and Italy they united in 1993 into The National Grand Lodge of Romania. Bro. Nicu Filip was elected Grand Master on 24th of January, the day on which the Regular Masonic Light was rekindled in Romania, it is also the day when Brethren founded Modern Romania.

The effect of Masonic Forum on this infant Grand Lodge emerging from communism striving from its pangs of birth into a new democratic world and attempting to grow into the world of Freemasonry is beautifully summed up by Past Grand Master Eugen Ovidiu Chirovici: “In the first period of my terms in office, when I was visiting Grand Lodges the world over in search of official recognition‘s, I have the pleasant surprise to see that I was already preceded by the Masonic Forum”. “Among others, it managed to achieve an important opening toward the Mother Grand Lodge of the World, the United Grand Lodge of England, in a time when contacts between that Obedience and the NGLR were almost null. Masonic Forum was, at that time, a kind of message stuck into a bottle and thrown into the international Masonic world”.

This stepping into the warm wonderful world of Freemasonry was achieved by sending copies of Masonic Forum not only to the Grand Lodges of the many constitutions but through Masonic libraries, Masonic study groups and personally by Editor / Director of Masonic Forum Honourable RW Brother Claudiu Ionescu. Our Bro. Ionescu was already an experienced World travelled Mason and used his connections to link up with not only the Grand but we the ordinary Brothers all actively involved in Freemasonry around the World. The stories he collected at our major gatherings and conferences were brought back to Romania to light up the pages of Masonic Forum giving his Romanian Brethren a sense of belonging to this wider exciting and wonderful World of which we are part.  The sharing of Masonic Forum with the world and the Romanian Brethren travelling the world has not only brought the World to Romania but takes the thoughts and activities of Romanian Masonry to the World. This is reflected in the many ways. Prominent Masons and thinkers from Romania and across the World freely give interviews to Masonic Forum producing articles for the magazine which are then sent around the World to be shared by us all. Lastly and most importantly the Masonic World comes to Romania by Brethren from abroad, of which I am one, all bring a richness to Romanian Freemasonry.

Masonic Forum’s impact on Romanian Free Masonry and the World of Freemasonry is highlighted by some most prominent Masons who have written articles acclaiming your Magazine and I felt it very important to list them below as it includes no less than 12 Grand Masters and an Internationally acclaimed Masonic writer, Both from home and abroad. You will agree, quite a tribute.

Past Grand Master, National Grand Lodge of Romania

Founding Grand Master, National Grand Lodge of Romania

Past Grand Master, Grande Oriente d’Italia
Honorary Grand Master ad vitam, National Grand Lodge of Romania

Past Grand Master, Grand Lodge ALPINA of Switzerland
Honorary Grand Master ad vitam, National Grand Lodge of Romania

Honorary President & Past Executive Secretary, World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges
Honorary Grand Master ad vitam, National Grad Lodge of Romania

Past Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Washington DC
Past Grand Master, National Grand Lodge of Azerbaijan

Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Spain

Past Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Washington DC

Past Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Guatemala

Past Grand Master, American Canadian Grand Lodge

Past Grand Master, American Canadian Grand Lodge

Past Grand Master, American Canadian Grand Lodge

Having a Magazine in print and the activities of the Romanian Brethren inspired the President of Romania to publish the following statement in 2003 supporting Freemasonry.


“As a testament to the importance that Freemasons have had on the history of Romania, the then President of Romania, Ion Iliescu, made a speech in 2003 that declared once and for all the Fraternity’s lasting influence”.


“…In particular, Masonry has contributed to the establishment of modern Romania and its unitary statehood. Yet, these facts were kept hidden in Romania for the last 50 years… In the context of globalization today, the future of a modern and civilised nation cannot be viewed outside dialogue. We need as many bridges as possible to facilitate cultural exchange. Freemasonry is part of this process. It is a communicating vessel for all the forces willing to work for the welfare of the Romanian nation, its development, and full assertion.” – Ion Iliescu

Brethren I leave you all with some fervent hopes for your future and the future of your magazine. Celebrate your Masonic diversity not only in a world sense but may it prosper across Romania.