Immediate Past Grand Master, National Grand Lodge of Azerbaijan

A gateway to light. A gateway to illumination. And amongst all A gateway to brotherhood. There can be no better way to describe how much the world of freemasonry itself is evolving in all these years and Masonic Forum has been an important pillar and a fountain of knowledge in which we, as all brethren not only the brethren of Azerbaijan but also the world, had the privilege to get inspiration and self awakening in our personal journeys.

National Grand Lodge of Azerbaijan as being a very young Grand Lodge had been abundantly lucky in having an extraordinary relationship with Masonic Forum since our establishment.

Our strong bond with the ties of our fraternity had created a more universal environment that exceeds any border and their precious support and role as being a pioneer connecting the world of freemasonry has always been without a doubt a great value for our very own Grand Lodge and as well as the other masonic bodies all over the globe.

I would like to thank Masonic Forum for their selfless dedication in carrying the light of our craft to the other parts of the world in order to educate, enlighten and inform brethren for the last 20 years. With your efforts our brethren have been learning the unifying aspects of masonry regardless of any known differences of the world itself.

Once upon a time a brother said in the first years of our Grand Lodge that in our country everything may be fragile but not masonry. It is such an honour to hear from a young brother about his views on our craft with such heartwarming remarks and the reality is that these brethren had been developing their worldview and their opinions of masonry with the help our fraternity and also another great source of light of our era “The Masonic Forum”

We are grateful for your services to our craft and your touch to our lives.