Brother Claudiu Ionescu, I was very happy and honoured when you sent me the invitation to write a few words for the 20th anniversary of the “Masonic Forum”, the magazine of the Romanian Freemasonry.

We were several Brethren who, after becoming familiar with the Masonic rules and perceptions, realized that something was missing in the Romanian Freemasonry, something to define it and raise it to a level that could be brought forth to Masonic Lodges all over the world and would become the backbone of Romanian Freemasonry.

That was when you appeared, Brother Claudiu, and suggested starting a magazine of the Romanian Freemasonry. Then you presented your vision and the fact that it was imperative for it to be a bilingual publication, in Romanian and English, and also for it to have both an exceptional content and a distinguished graphical format.

I think I was the first to enthusiastically embrace your proposal and I chose to financially and otherwise support this initiative. I think this gave you courage and you started working, in the process surpassing insurmountable difficulties that today seem incredible.

Even though you suggested I appear next to you as a founding member of the magazine, I considered it wouldn’t have been fair and that the credit is entirely yours, Brother Claudiu.

 The magazine appeared and it produced a shock in the Romanian Masonic world. It imposed conduct and prestige on many lodges that adopted the Masonic precepts therein promoted.

How could someone today imagine the efforts necessary then in order to ship copies all over the world of universal Freemasonry and the satisfactions we had, at least those of us who supported this “child” of Romanian Freemasonry during its development.

The magazine had a remarkable success in the Masonic world and the Grand Lodges reached by the “Masonic Forum” had many praises for it.

From here on, everything is history and the “Masonic Forum” has become a permanent presence and an important player in the international field, as it is a free space for dialogue between personalities of world Freemasonry.

From the bottom of my heart I wish “Masonic Forum” a happy birthday and many more years to come, and to Brother Claudiu – may you be healthy and able to work!