General Grand High Priest 2011-2014

Brother Claudiu, this is a poor tribute from a great admirer and I thank you for giving this opportunity.

To be asked to offer some comment about Tom Jackson is an honor in itself. I first became acquainted with Tom when I was introduced to International freemasonry by my appointment to the office of Regional Deputy General Grand High Priest for Latin America for the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons International. Tom was speaking at a CMI conference as I recall, and I was introduced to him in my new capacity. It was a great opportunity for me to learn from the master and he guided me well. He offered to assist me and consult on challenges as I faced them. I quickly realized what a source of information I had tapped in to as he provided insight into almost every challenge I had.
Then, when I decided to run for General Grand Scribe, Tom offered to support me and wrote a very sensible testimonial for my cause. I have no doubt that its impact had much to do with my getting elected. We experienced joint speaking opportunities in Latin America and in Africa and every case was a learning opportunity for me. Tom graciously accepted two offers to speak at special gatherings in New York for me and always made us grateful that he had found the time to spend with us. The last occasion that I had to lean on Tom was two years ago when we were faced with extraordinary events in Brazil. In a time when we were overloaded with challenges that we shared with Tom, he came back with the answer to the problem. This was an example of his amazing insight that that issue has been resolved today because of the direction that he gave. Great numbers of masons are still able to benefit from the best that the craft has to offer because of his wise and thoughtful guidance and direction. May the memory of his smile, quick retort, insight and gravelly voice remain alive in our hearts forevermore. May he rest in peace.