Past Grand Master, Grand Lodge ALPINA of Switzerland
Honorary Grand Master ad vitam, NGLR;
Honorary Director, MASONIC FORUM Magazine



Alberto MenascheThe Masonic Forum is a very important thing for Freemasonry. Not only for Romanian Masonry but for all Masonry, because when you have a review that has in­side articles speaking about Masonry, it’s really very im­portant for the development of masons generally. And I know that Masonic Forum is not only that, but it was also a way of spreading informa­tion to the members of your Grand Lodge, and that was really important, because the membership has to know what is really the life of the Grand Lodge. I think you did it very well. I want to congratulate you for the way you did it, because it was not a simple thing to understand and to reproduce on paper the thoughts of the members of the Grand Lodge, to show them. You developed also these years many Masonic articles which were really so important for all of us. Personally, I wrote two or three articles and I know that other foreign masons also have written some articles. I think that the articles coming from outside can be very important for developing and increasing Masonry in Romania.